I figured it would be best to start the blog with a bit about myself.


My name is Eric Schwabe. I work as a software engineer, currently in commericial aerospace test systems. I am always looking to expand my interests and expertise, so I decided to try writing a blog. I have always been fascinated with personal computers and electronic devices growing up. I grew up during the time when the Internet became common in every household.

Why A Blog

A blog seems like a useful place to keep track of my thoughts and things I’ve learned. Information tends to be difficult to organize, so creating my own personal reference guide should be useful. Google and other companies do a decent job :), but it’s certainly not a collection of only my interests or recent work. It’s easy to lose track of your own “progress” over time, so I hope this will be a useful source to reflect upon in the future.

The difficult part about starting some new is committing to the time investment. Writing blog posts certaining takes time and expect it will be a bit of hurdle to actually sit down occassionaly and write down my recent experiences. For now, I plan on adding posts for significant accomplishments or useful tidbits, but I may commit to a more regular schedule in the future.


As for topics, I plan on primarily focusing on areas related to software engineering, programming, and technology. Like most professional software engineerings, I have a few news sources that I tend to read often and expect that I will post my own thoughts on the issues at times.

Here are a few of my current news sources: